The Civicus Group aggressively pursues grant funding from the public and private sectors to help our clients meet the needs of their communities and citizens.

Our approach is thoughtful, collaborative, and designed to engage multiple stakeholders in developing and designing grant applications. Effective planning ensures competitive applications and compliant programs and projects post-award.

The Civicus Group’s resource development process contains three main components and multiple subtasks related to grants. Our Technical Approach is as follows.

Grant Research

  • Regular meetings with personnel from the Client to review priorities, funding needs, and strategies for future development plans and other considerations.
  • Monitor and report all applicable private foundation, state, and federal funding opportunities.
  • Facilitating a decision-making process regarding the feasibility of pursuing potential funding opportunities.
  • Assist in gathering proposal-related information and conducting proposal-related research.
    Facilitation of partnership meetings related to the submission of grants.

Proposal Development

  • Prepare components of any grant application as authorized by the appropriate personnel of the Client. This includes narrative responses, financial information, and any other components required by the funding source for the submission of an application. 
  • Facilitate and document program design meetings with partners, communicate funding opportunity terms and conditions, develop grant application parameters, assist in partner roles and timelines, and review proposal drafts. 
  • Prepare funding summaries using a format designated by the client.

Grant Management and Compliance

  • Follow up after proposal submission.
  • Assist with pre-award negotiations, as necessary.
  • Assist with contract or materials development for project implementation.
  • Assist with reporting and compliance activities in the post-award phase. 

Grant Research and Writing

The Civicus Group requests that all our clients adhere to a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meeting cadence, ensuring proper communication and facilitation regarding the potential for grant acquisition. By reviewing client priorities, funding needs, strategic plans, and other development documents, Civicus can advise and guide our clients appropriately regarding grant-specific considerations, such as strategic partnerships, while monitoring and reporting on all applicable private foundation and federal funding opportunities. 
Civicus Group is a member of the Grant Professional Association, which provides access to Grants Station. Additionally, Civicus has a membership to Candid—formerly the Foundation Center of New York. These resources, combined with publicly available federal data through sources like or FedConnect ensure that Civicus can provide in-depth research reports on a wide range of public and private funding possibilities. 
Civicus Group’s expertise is in preparing all components of any grant application. This includes narrative responses, financial information, and other elements the funding source requires for application submission. This includes facilitating and documenting program design meetings with partners that effectively communicate the terms and conditions of funding opportunities, developing grant application parameters, assisting in partner roles and timelines, reviewing proposal drafts, and preparing funding summaries. 

Grants Management and Compliance

The Civicus Group works with the Client after proposal submission to assist with pre-award negotiations as necessary, facilitate contract or material development for project implementation, and aid reporting and compliance activities in the post-award phase.  

Civicus Group understands grant compliance and the importance of timely reporting. Members of the Civicus Group staff have directed or assisted with grant compliance with multiple state and federal agencies. Our team understands 2 CFR Part 200 and regularly works with our clients to ensure that the implementation phase of every project meets the Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards. 

Civicus Group has provided grant management services in conjunction with awards from the following federal agencies and organizations: NSF, NTIA, BIA, and The Oklahoma Women’s Foundation. 

Civicus Group is also a subcontractor on a federal Department of Housing and Urban Development award to rewrite the grant monitoring training or the Indian Community Development Block Grant Program.